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How Much Does Solar Cost?

The cost is calculated according to several factors unique to your home. Call to give Flatiron Solar some details and get an estimate. As with any project, Flatiron Solar will give you a detailed quote with specific prices and expected production numbers to get you the best value for the lowest price. Flatiron Solar continues to be cost competitive with low overhead and quality personal service. Continue reading to understand your custom Flatiron Solar quote fully.

  • Solar panels and inverter, racking and parts price
  • Taxes including waived Colorado State sales tax
  • Permit, labor, engineering
  • Rebates from utility, the Governor’s Energy Office and grants
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30% of system cost
  • Total out of pocket cost, much less applying all incentives
  • Warranties, production statement, description of components
  • Financial payback analysis, always a positive return on your investment

Solar can cost from $2000 to $50,000. A solar hot water system is able to scale large or small to accommodate roof size and energy usage. Also, the incentives vary according to what utility you’re with, which county or city, and what type of system.
Here is an example of incentives on a recent client’s quote.

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • A $1500 rebate from the Governor’s Energy Office (rebate money used up)
  • 2.9% State Sales Tax waived on purchase

For solar hot water, there isn’t a unit of measure translated to the quote or estimate. The solar panels are rated and have numbers associated with the expected amount of heat they will produce. A custom Flatiron Solar quote will price the system according to the number of panels and components required. A typical home would have two solar panels, an 80 gallon storage tank, heat exchanger, pumps, controller and miscellaneous components for their Domestic Hot Water (DHW). Generally around $10000 before incentives is the cost of such a system.

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How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

Solar has to do with the sun and all the energy bombarding the earth every day. Solar hot water uses the energy from the sun to heat a liquid. The heat in the liquid is gathered and stored and used to heat the things we need for comfort in our homes, water and air.
I’m keeping this explanation light because the internet will do a much better job of explaining this and to whatever technical level you may desire.


Immune to Rate Increases or Rate Increase Independence

A solar system fixes your energy costs for the life of the system. Purchasing a Flatiron Solar, solar hot water system means you’re purchasing the means to generate heat for heating domestic hot water or assist with heating the air in your home. When the utility company gives notice they’re raising rates, for example natural gas, you’re not affected. Natural gas rates will increase annually on average every year.

Make Retirement a Reality

Solar reduces your retirement income needs. Living on less when you retire, reduced heating bill, you may feel more in control of your future.

Fossil Fuel Independence

Reducing or eliminating our electric bill may allow us to free up money to purchase an electric car or to reduce demand for another coal fired generating plant.

Increase in Home Value

The increase is multi-faceted.

  • Reduction in monthly expenses by eliminating your gas bill
  • Adding a mechanical system worth many thousands of dollars
  • As your utility increases rates, your system becomes more valuable
  • The real estate market and bank evaluate your home is worth more than your neighbor’s home without a solar system
  • Any future carbon taxes will take into account a solar system


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